3 Things Each Resumé Should Always Have

A resume is your career story. It explains to the hiring manager or recruiter who you are, how hard you are willing to work and all of the skills you have. In other words, your resumé is your first impression before the first impression. 

The 3 things each resumé should always have are: 


Always make sure that your phone number and email address are either in the center or left aligned on top of your resumé and also centered on the bottom of your resumé. This ensures that if you have a second page of your resumé gets misplaced, the recruiter has your contact information on the second page to fall back on. 

Putting pertinent information on the right hand side of your resumé is not a good idea, as most people read left to right and you want to make sure the most important information is available to the reader right away. 


Most of the time, recruiters scan your resumé to find your skills. Help them by ensuring they are closer to the top of your resumé and always above your career experience. 

Your skills can include relevant courses, programs or software that you have used, your ability to manage things like projects, people, or time, and relevant expertise that you have. 


Ensure that you TRIPLE check everything you are writing and then review it again with a magnifying glass. Some spelling mistakes aren't as easily seen as others. If you are using a correctly spelled word but in the wrong context, that is still a mistake. 

Once you're done reviewing your document, ask your friend or a career consultant to go over it again. 

Do you need help with your resumé or want to work with a career consultant on finding a new job or writing a new resumé? Hire us. We can help.