• We will have a 60 minute discovery call to learn more about each other

  • We will discuss and determine your career skills

  • We will review your career goals

  • We will review your current resumé and determine your career story

  • We will re-create your resumé to ensure it appeals to hiring managers and recruiters

  • You will receive your resumé within 2-3 weeks of our conversation

  • You will receive a re-designed LinkedIn profile based on the re-design of your resumé

  • You will have e-mail access to your coach to ask questions and review your job application process

  • We will have a 60 minute call to discuss future steps of your career journey

    • During a call with your career coach you will:
      1. Discuss unique ways to apply for jobs and how to follow up with hiring managers
      2. Speak about interview techniques that will ensure hiring managers remember
      3. Determine the next steps of your career search

PRICE $650