how would your life be different if you felt confident about your career?

We will have four (4) 60 minute meetings facilitated via a video chat platform or phone call.
During each conversation we will select an area of your career that you would like to concentrate on.
On each phone call we will identify a measurable goal you would like to work on and collaborate on achieving this goal.

Topics we can discuss on our calls are as follows: (Please feel free to bring topics not listed below).

  • Hitting the glass ceiling of your current place of employment and what it means to the future of your career.

  • Your career skills and how they relate to your current job application process.

  • Your problem solving technique and how you can use it to provide value to your current or future employer.

  • Your career goals- are they clear? How are you relating them to your future employer?

  • Your knowledge of your career story? Can you relay it as an elevator pitch in under two minutes?

  • The SKILLUMÉ “Passion, Skills, Experience” Interview method.

  • How to identify your network and use it to learn about the 80% of opportunities not currently available on job boards.

During the next month, you will have access to your coach via telephone, email, and text. our main goal is to enrich your life and bring value.

Are you ready to have a career breakthrough?